Jack Daniels Ready-to-Drink in 3 Flavors If you're too lazy to splash some Jack Daniels into some coke or ginger ale on your own, have I got some news for you.
Jack Daniels Ready-to-Drink in 3 Flavors
posted on 10 Mar 2011
posted By jake

 I'm not usually a fan of ready to drink (RTD) beverages because A) I like to see how much booze actually goes into my cocktail and B) they're usually mixed sweet enough to send me into diabetic shock after sip one. Oh, that and the fact that most RTDs we see on US shelves are just "malt beverages" instead of real spirits added to mixers. 

Jack Daniels has released a new RTD that looks like it breaks that mold, with the company claiming its new line contains actual, honest-to-goodness JD in every sip. These puppies will run about ten bucks for a 4-pack, and rock about 5% alcohol by volume. Available in Jack & Cola, Jack & Ginger, or Jack & Diet Cola. Just don't forget to pick up a bottle of Jack so you can "adjust the flavor" to suit you...

via Uncrate and TheDieLine

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