What Alcohol Is Doing To Your Brain There's lots of stuff going on when you pound that drink and a lot of it is pretty good (Except for that Four Loko hallucination).
What Alcohol Is Doing To Your Brain
posted on 16 Nov 2010
posted By rick

There are so many myths about alcohol, hangovers, and what to drink and when.  Don't drink wine and clear alcohol.  Don't drink beer and sweet cocktails.  etc, etc.  The rules are lengthy, always anecdotal, and usually wrong.

The venerable Lifehacker has broken it down in a simple, easy and clear way that helps you understand just where that Negroni goes once it's over the lips and passed the gums.  Well, besides your stomach. 

Some things we're right about, such as how a full stomach helps you get less drunk, but we're not right on the reason (food doesn't absorb the alcohol).  Some stuff, we're not even close (it doesn't kill brain cells).  Oh, and it's definitely not going to help you sleep better, so just admit you want a drink late at night because it tastes good, not because a nightcap helps you sleep. 

Oh, and did you hear the one about alcohol EXTENDING YOUR LIFE?  Totally true.

Want to know more?  Head on over to Lifehacker and read the full article, then come back here and find some new ways to live forever. 

The bottom line is really, as usual, don't be an idiot when you drink, but don't be afraid to drink, it can do some good, too!

What Alcohol Really Does To Your Brain - Lifehacker

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