Which booze goes best in your favorite cocktail? Let's settle this once-and-for all: What rum is best in a Mai Tai?
Which booze goes best in your favorite cocktail?
posted on 28 Jun 2012
posted By rick

 How do you get a group of mixologists to start a bar room brawl?  Mumble something about "Cocktail" being the best bar movie of all time and then blame it on someone else at the bar or just ask them what the best gin for a Negroni is.  

The Ultimate Beverage Competition aims to take a stand on which booze goes best in what drink.  They pulled together some of America's best drinkers and taste-tested all kinds of cocktails with different brands in them, each time.  They figured that the best gin for an Aviation was Brooker's London Dry; the best tequila in a margarita was Tres Agaves Bianco; the best cognac in a sidecar is the Remy Martin VSOP, and lots more.

Who did this?  Who is it that can tell us what's supposed to be in some of our favorite drinks?  Well, it's folks like Dave Wondrich, Dale DeGroff, Eric Alperin, Julie Reiner and Jim Meehan, and quite a few more.  It's the A-Team of Tastebuds!  The Seal Team 6 of Libations!  You get the idea.  

Should you listen to these guys?  Hell, no.  It sure is a lot of fun to talk about, though, isn't it?  Do your own test and let us know what you think on our Facebook page.

Read the results and even download a .pdf of the results over at the Ultimate Beverage Challenge site.   Get the definitive answers and live by them!  At least, until next year.

Oh, and for the record:  If a bartender is channel surfing and he/she comes across the movie, "Cocktail," then you're damn skippy they'll be watching it.  

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