EasyStill lets you distill at home! Now making your own booze isn't just for those snobs who used to be software salesmen!
EasyStill lets you distill at home!
posted on 10 Sep 2012
posted By rick

 What are you doing this weekend?  Me?  Oh, I'm just going to be making a peach-based rye whiskey with an EasyStill.  

Oh?  You want one?  Well, OF COURSE YOU DO!  Sitting right there on your table is a little still that lets you make whatever your hearts desire in just a few hours.  Plug it in and wait an hour.  Then, just make your mash (The Google abounds with recipes for this) and pour it in to the machine and press the button.

That's right.  You heard it correctly.  You just press a button.  Two hours later, you're in possession of your very own, fine distillate!  I have no idea what their guarantees are when it comes to blindness or a Jake Walk, but who cares!  YOU'RE MAKING YOUR OWN BOOZE AT HOME!

People spend thousands just to put one of these in a garage and make something amazing, now you can do it for $317!  I dare you!  No, wait!  I TRIPLE-DOG DARE YOU!

Let us know how it comes out.

EasyStill - $317

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