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Adult Chocolate Milk
posted on 27 Oct 2010
posted By rick

You know what I love?  Booze.  You know what else I love?  Chocolate milk!  If only someone would make a chocolate milk with some sort of booze in it. 

And lo, it has happened, thus making this THE GREATEST DAY EVER! 

Now you can get chocolate milk blended with vodka and 100% yummy goodness.  They drummed up all of their creative spirit and named it "Adult Chocolate Milk."  Okay, it says what it does, does what it says, no rocket science marketing here, but let me clarify for you:  It's chocolate milk, PLUS booze. 

Another cool thing is that it's being distributed by Southern Wine & Spirits which means it's going to be just about everywhere.  Let no man go without his Adult Chocolate Milk! 

You can get a 750ml for $17.99 or a 1L for $19.99 and it's being sold in the West first and rolling out to other states later on. 

Check it out at their site.


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