Social Media Sobriety Test Getting drunk then getting on the computer is the new drunk dial...doesn't mean you should do it.
Social Media Sobriety Test
posted on 04 Nov 2010
posted By rick

Holidays are a comin'!  That means Thanksgiving, Christmas parties, Hannakuh parties, PEARL HARBOR DAY PARTIES!  Oh yeah, and New Year's.  All perfect opportunities for you to get so trashed that you're bound to stumble to your computer at 3am and fire off a few missives you've been wanting to get off your chest. about not?  Have you ever sent a single picture of yourself flipping off a camera to your mom via e-mail and thought to yourself the next day, "Yeah!  That's what I meant.  Screw you, Mom!"

So, rather than ending up as a Facebooking Fail horror story, install the Social Media Sobriety Test on your computer.  Once installed, you just tell it what times you want it to force you to take a simple sobriety test before it allows you to sites that you define.  For example, if you're Jake and you write for Cocktail GoGo, then you tell it that you don't want it to give you access from midnight 

If you access your computer during the witching hours, it makes you do a simple sobriety test such as use the mouse to make a straight line, follow the finger, or type the alphabet backwards.  The last one being something I couldn't do completely sober, but might be a lot more fun if I tried it drunk. 

Now, you can make sure you don't post that picture of you in a tankini doing a kegstand while a 9 year old holds your legs up. 

Social Media Sobriety Test - Free!

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TheLiquorSnob Wrote
I'm so posting about this on Facebook later...
On 05 Nov 2010
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