Hiram Walker Original Cinn Cinnamon Schnapps
Hiram Walker Original Cinn Cinnamon Schnapps
posted on 06 Oct 2010

Hiram Walker's Original Cinn is full of contradictions. It's way overproof compared to most other liqueurs, weighing in at a hefty 90 proof (45% ABV). It also should be too sweet and syrupy for my taste, bit the cinnamon bite really gives it that something extra to get it out of treacle town.

The smell is of a freshly-baked alcoholic cinnamon bun, and is really appealing. The taste starts off with a nice dry cinnamon heat, then finishes with hints of vanilla and frosting, which keeps it from being overpowering. This liqueur is more "Mom's baking" than "Atomic Fireball," and feels like a strong addition to the world of cinnamon schnapps.

It's delicious, though some may have to be in the mood for it, and a great addition to seasonal fall and winter cocktails, adding a bit of a warming glow. The fact it doesn't try to burn off your tastebuds, combined with its reasonable price tag of around ten bucks, tells us you can't go wrong.

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On 06 Oct 2010
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